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HEADLINES: ConocoPhillips’ Latest Oil Discovery Plus IEA Outlook

Plains All American’s Cactus II pipeline became the first major energy project to be denied an exclusion to the tariff on imported steel. 

Jessica Morales

Frac Spread: What A Difference A Regional Hub Makes

Frac Spread: What A Difference A Regional Hub Makes

Pipeline constraints are among the factors behind the blowout in the ethane price differential between Conway and Mont Belvieu.

Joseph Markman

Analysts: Expect Oil Producer Capex Boost

Analysts: Expect Oil Producers To Boost Capex

Drillinginfo expects LNG exports to bolster natural gas prices but not until 2021.

Joseph Markman

Midstream Connect: Outlook For Midstream In Texas

Midstream Connect: Outlook For Midstream In Texas

Midstream’s outlook in the energy-friendly state is positive but not without challenges.

Jessica Morales

DUG East

Executive Interview: CNX Resources’ COO Talks Appalachian Shale Potential

Tim Dugan, COO of CNX Resources, recently spoke with Hart Energy about technology, regulatory challenges and opportunities in the Marcellus and Utica.

Jessica Morales


Australian LNG Exports Hit All-Time High

China’s increased appetite for energy helped Australian LNG revenue grow 38% over the last year, according a recent report.

Dale Granger

Debt & Equity

Q&A: Rice Energy Brothers Return To Oil And Gas

Daniel Rice recently spoke with Hart Energy about the Rice brothers’ new venture and life after the multibillion-dollar sale of Rice Energy last year.

Emily Patsy


How Russian Gas Became Europe’s Most Divisive Commodity

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will transport Russian gas to Germany but critics warn of political tensions.

Tobias Buck, Financial Times

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