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Report: Diesel Fuel Will Still Drive Commercial Vehicles For Years

The anticipated increases in fuel economy will keep diesel competitive with electric and other renewable sources.

Terrance Harris


IndustryVoice: A Complete Project Partner for Midstream Operators

n the Permian Basin, industry conditions can create a domino effect if something slips through the cracks. Securing power, supervising contractors and forecasting long-lead deliveries takes experience.

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International Markets, Infrastructure Key To Unlocking Canada’s Potential

Canada’s abundant oil reserves make it a promising place for investment, but political hurdles and expansion issues must be addressed to fully tap into its potential.

Mary Holcomb

Report: As Wind Projects Age, O&M Costs Will Rise

Report: As Wind Projects Age, O&M Costs Will Rise

The phasing out of the Federal Production Tax Credit will mean a decline in new wind projects and increased operating and maintenance on older assets.

Terrance Harris

IndustryVoice: Pipelines 4.0 Addresses Changing Needs of Midstream Market

The midstream market has evolved. Siemens evolved with it, to meet the emerging needs of pipeline operators globally.

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Chevron Reveals Shared Infrastructure Plans For Stranded Australian Gas

Woodside is also accelerating plans to build a pipeline to move gas from its Scarborough development.

Dale Granger

What's Affecting Oil Price

What's Affecting Oil Prices This Week (September 17, 2018)?

Brent rose $1.10/bbl last week to average $78.49/bbl as WTI rose only $0.42/bbl to average $68.95/bbl.

Ashley Petersen


A&D Conference: Tellurian Plans A 4-Legged Gas Business Stool

Integrating all three sectors of the industry, as well as marketing, will position the company to be a global LNG leader, says John Howie.

Paul Hart, Midstream Editor-At-Large, Oil and Gas Investor

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