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Frac Spread: NGL ‘Barrel’ Rallies To 43-Month High

Frac Spread: NGL ‘Barrel’ Rallies To 43-Month High

Isobutane led the charge with an 18% hike, but ethane continued to struggle.

Joseph Markman


HEADLINES: Cheniere Makes FID On Third Corpus Christi Train

Investors in the world’s largest oil and gas companies are eyeing a windfall from rising crude prices as the sector heads toward its strongest financial performance in a decade.

Jessica Morales

ExxonMobil Sets New Targets For Reducing Emissions

ExxonMobil Sets New Targets For Reducing Emissions

The oil major seeks to cut methane leaks by 15% and flared gas by 25% by 2020.

Ed Crooks, Financial Times

Midstream Connect: Overcoming Challenges In The Northeast Buildout

Midstream Connect: Overcoming Challenges In The Northeast Buildout

Enbridge is tackling both state permitting and educating the public, the company’s business director says.

Jessica Morales

Crude Oil

Vessel Inefficiencies Becoming Glaring As Demand For US Crude Grows

The United States doesn’t have enough ports deep enough for larger ships to enter, forcing the use of smaller ships to help meet export demands.

Terrance Harris

Debt & Equity

Oil Price Has Sector’s Investors Eyeing A Windfall

The oil and gas industry is pushing to improve returns as it rebounds from a long downturn.

Andrew Ward and Attracta Mooney, Financial Times

Crude Oil

Permian Beginning To Pay Off For NuStar

A year after its $1.5 billion purchase of Navigator, activity is ramping up.

Frank Nieto

IndustryVoice: Maximizing Efficiency of NGL Terminals

Let Superior construct, upgrade or service your NGL storage with no downtime.

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Its Spectra acquisition vaulted Enbridge to the top of the chart. Boosted by booming LNG exports, Cheniere Energy warped higher by 30 places.

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