Natural gasoline at Mont Belvieu, Texas, last week posted its highest price since June 2015—a 28-month stretch—as the hub’s composite NGL barrel (bbl) extended its stay above $30 to five weeks.

While last week’s price of $31.76/bbl was only the third-highest for the year, the five-week rally represented the longest maintenance of the $30-plus price level since late November 2014, when the lowering tide of the down-cycle was sinking all NGL boats. At Conway, Kan., the barrel remained above $30 for two consecutive weeks for the first time since February.

In its quarterly report, Jefferies credited the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey for third-quarter NGL price spikes and contemplated the potential of a price surge for propane if forecasts for a chillier winter come through in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states.