Outlook 2018: Trends & Challenges

As 2017 drew to a close, Hart Energy reached out to industry experts for a review of the past year and a heads up for 2018.

Watch Part I: Outlook 2018: Surprises & Strategies

In this, the second of two segments hosted by Jessica Morales, we asked about trends and challenges for the industry in the new year.

Our experts:

  • Raoul LeBlanc, Managing Director, IHS Markit;
  • Maynard Holt, CEO, Tudor, Pickering, Holt and Co.;
  • Jeff Quigley, Director, Energy Markets, Stratas Advisors;
  • Cliff Vrielink, Co-Managing Partner, Sidley Austin LLP; and
  • Tim Chandler, Partner, Sidley Austin LLP

Jessica Morales can be reached at jmorales@hartenergy.com; Joseph Markman can be reached at jmarkman@hartenergy.com.

Jessica Morales

Jessica Morales is the video reporter for Hart Energy. She contributes to the Digital News Group's interviewing and video production. 

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