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Frac Spread: Snow Doubt Gas Price Is Rising

Winter storm is spurring higher demand for gas, but NGL prices are mostly static.

Joseph Markman

Frac Spread: A Comforting Start To The Year

Ethane is much stronger than it was 12 months ago and margins widen across the board.

Joseph Markman

Frac Spread: Has The Year Of Pricing Dangerously Begun?

NGL margins benefit from exports and weakened gas prices, but global economic concerns are mounting.

Joseph Markman

Frac Spread: Coming Soon From The North Pole—Higher Gas Prices

An expected weakening of the polar vortex in late December could result in a chilly January.

Joseph Markman

Frac Spread: Kansas Ethane, I’ve A Feeling We’re Not In Single Digits Anymore

The ethane spread between Conway and Mont Belvieu has narrowed dramatically since the summer.

Joseph Markman

Frac Spread: It’s The Most Volatile Time Of The Year

Higher gas prices, narrower NGL margins and an ethane market on track for a spike decorate the outlook.

Joseph Markman

Frac Spread: Prices Rise But Margins Are Squeezed

Soaring natural gas prices outpace increases in NGL; crude’s decline is linked to trader worries about an economic slowdown.

Joseph Markman

Frac Spread: NGL Margins Enduring Tight Squeeze

Natural gas prices ramp up as NGL prices slide.

Joseph Markman

Frac Spread: Like The Season, Expect Propane Prices To Fall

High inventories and rising natural gas prices are pressuring NGL prices and margins.

Joseph Markman

Frac Spread: Oil’s Fall Drags Others Down, But Nobody’s Out

Correction was needed and crude may have landed in a place of relative stability.

Joseph Markman

Frac Spread: Train Your Sights On Trade Troubles Ahead

So far, so good may not be good enough if the U.S.-China trade war stays on this track in 2019.

Joseph Markman

Frac Spread: Too High, Too Fast?

Prices are careening wildly and they won’t stabilize anytime soon, say analysts.

Joseph Markman


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