Speakers at DUG Eagle Ford the afternoon of Sept. 20 included Greg Leveille of ConocoPhillips; Hart Energy’s Steve Toon moderating the private operator panel with William E. Deupree of Escondido Resources and Michael J. Wieland of Laredo Energy VI LP; and

UPDATE, DUG Eagle Ford: ConocoPhillips Embraces Innovation

Corpus Christi aims to be the ‘energy port of the Americas,’ its CEO tells the conference.

Hart Energy Staff

Linde’s Technology Helps Turn Trash Into Treasure

As midstream makes its shift to a processing focused market, vendors are honing in on technology that will resurrect existing traditional plants.

Mary Holcomb, Hart Energy

Drones: Will Promise Of Cost-Saving Inspections Fly?

Drones offer speed and accuracy in facility maintenance but there are shortcomings as well.

Joseph Markman, Hart Energy

midstream texas, water management

Water’s Weighty In The Midstream

By emphasizing convenience, midstream water management could differentiate itself from oilfield water services, according to panelists at Midstream Texas.

Erin Pedigo, Hart Energy

Midstream Connect: The Smart Pig Sector Is ‘Vibrant And Growing’

Midstream Connect: The Smart Pig Sector Is ‘Vibrant And Growing’

The pigging sector is racing to keep up with rapidly growing infrastructure and the need to maintain existing oil, natural gas and NGL pipelines.

Jessica Morales and Joseph Markman, Hart Energy


The Shifting Balance Of Global Energy Power

At KPMG’s annual Global Energy Conference, confidence in the global economy abound, but political uncertainty and Asia’s growing energy demand shapes the role of the U.S. energy on the world stage.

Len Vermillion, Hart Energy


Pipeline Shortage Puts Permian’s Crude, NGL Production At Risk

Technology gains and greater efficiency have fostered record production but the growth has been too fast for the lagging infrastructure.

Terrance Harris, Hart Energy

DUG Permian_infrastructure_Midland_Permian Basin_Fort Worth

DUG Permian Review: Infrastructure Concerns As Activity Rises

Companies are focusing on takeaway capacity concerns but buzz surrounding the Permian Basin remains optimistic.

Jessica Morales Hart Energy

Midstream Connect: ‘There Is A Clear Need To Do More With Less Cost’

Midstream Connect: ‘There Is A Clear Need To Do More With Less Cost’

Ramanan Krishnamoorti of the University of Houston emphasizes attention to safety and the importance of critical thinking in students who will make up the next generation of the oil and gas work force.

Jessica Morales, Hart Energy

FloWorks International Appoints Scott Jackson As President

FloWorks International LLC appointed Scott Jackson as FloWorks’s President, succeeding CEO Frank Riddick, the company said on Oct. 31.

Shell Buys Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Shell has acquired NewMotion, the largest electric vehicle charging network in Europe, the company said on Oct. 12.


Technology Does A Lot—But Can Do More

ABB study finds that ROI can benefit by optimizing technology.

Digital Optimization Makes Midstream Management More Efficient

The midstream market is an expensive endeavor, but by aligning finance departments, companies can effectively manage cash, cost and risk.

Brian Shannon, Special To Hart Energy

Gas Plant Customization: What’s The Difference?

Gas plant engineers offer take on profitability of standardized vs. customized designs.

Paul Hart, Hart Energy

Companies That ‘Weave Technology Into Operations’ Boost Profit Margins

Interlacing specialized software through operations cuts down on inefficiencies and helps companies prevent profits from slipping through the cracks, technology expert says.

Caryn Livingston, Hart Energy

MVP Holdings Forms Infrastructure JV In Stack Play

Great Salt Plains Midstream, a JV between MVM Midstream and Chisholm Midstream, will expand oil and gas infrastructure in Oklahoma’s Stack

Serjeant Named President Of CSI Compressco

Industry veteran joins Compressco from Schlumberger unit.

Hart Energy Staff

After Hurricane Harvey, Midstream Looks To Compression For Resilience

Companies taking steps to automate compression assets and integrate services.

Gregory DL Morris, Contributor

Archrock Partners Will Acquire Compression Assets In Dropdown

The transaction was approved by the conflicts committee of the board of directors of Archrock Partners’ managing general partner.

Business Wire

Subsea Change: Processing Industry Finds Itself In Transition

The subsea processing industry is at a pivotal point as it transitions from mostly niche, one-off projects to mainstream field developments, where its value is now largely accepted.

Alisdair McDonald, Special to Hart Energy

J-W Energy Exits Upstream, Midstream To Focus On Compression Services

The Dallas company sold substantially all of its assets, which included about 95,000 net acres and 380 miles of associated gathering and processing infrastructure in North Louisiana and North Texas, to Aethon United for an undisclosed amount.

Better Prediction

Not every pipeline repair is equally urgent. How can pipeline operators tell the difference?

Bruce A. Young and Jennifer M. O’Brian, Battelle Memorial Institute

The Interview: Building The Backbone With John Stupp

North America’s midstream has enjoyed a significant growth spurt in the past decade with the unconventional shale boom—and that means thousands of miles of new pipe added to the nation’s already outstanding transportation infrastructure. Much of that pipe has been supplied from Stupp Corp., which credits its role as “producing the pipelines that form the backbone of our continent’s energy infrastructure.” Its CEO took time to visit with Midstream Business to reflect on his firm’s distinguished past—and vision for the future.

Gas Price Spikes In LA Tied To Aliso Canyon Troubles

Southern California gas prices this summer have careened wildly as a result of restrictions on Aliso Canyon storage facility, EIA said.

Joseph Markman, Hart Energy

PHMSA’s Proposed Rules: Welcome Regulatory Certainty Or Just Unwelcome?

API, INGAA unhappy with expanded reach of PHMSA’s natural gas pipeline proposed regulations.

Joseph Markman, Hart Energy

Underground Gas Storage Wells: The Front-Line For Integrity Management

Real-time data evaluation critical to integrity management of underground natural gas storage.

Dr. Liane Smith, Special to Hart Energy

Plains Must Purge Crude From Line 903 Pipeline

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration said surveys reveal Line 903 has similar corrosion characteristics as Line 901, which ruptured and spilled crude along Santa Barbara County, Calif., coast, Reuters said.


ExxonMobil Sets New Targets For Reducing Emissions

The oil major seeks to cut methane leaks by 15% and flared gas by 25% by 2020.

Ed Crooks, Financial Times

EDF Aims To Take Methane-Fighting Mission To Space With Satellite

Working with Harvard University and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, EDF’s goal is to launch a satellite within three years in an effort to cut methane emissions from oil and gas facilities by 45% by 2025.

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

ExxonMobil Moves To Cut Methane Emissions

Unilateral action by ExxonMobil on methane emission reduction comes in spite of Trump administration’s moves to relax Obama-era regulations.

Ed Crooks, Financial Times

Report: Canada Will Delay Implementing New Methane Rules Until 2020

The amended time line was a result of discussions between the government and stakeholders and will be incorporated into the proposed regulations expected to be announced at the end of April, CBC News reported.


California Approves Nation’s Toughest Methane Emissions Rule

Environmental backers believe California’s methane regulation could be a model for other states.

Joseph Markman, Hart Energy

California Cap-And-Trade Revenue Case Heads To Sacramento Court

Revenue from the cap-and-trade program funds clean energy programs, especially in poorer communities, and helps finance the state's ambitious high speed rail project.


A&D Conference: Tellurian Plans A 4-Legged Gas Business Stool

Integrating all three sectors of the industry, as well as marketing, will position the company to be a global LNG leader, says John Howie.

Paul Hart, Midstream Editor-At-Large, Oil and Gas Investor

How Renewable Natural Gas Fits Into The Energy Equation

Adding biogas to the mix allows the industry to resolve more issues than just supplying fuel.

Joseph Markman, Hart Energy

Baker Hughes Lands Cheniere Contract For Corpus Christi LNG Plant

GE unit will supply turbomachinery equipment to plant’s expansion.

LNG Delays Worsen Permian’s Infrastructure Outlook

Freeport LNG pushes back launch of its $13 billion terminal to September 2019.

Susan Klann, Contributor

Dallas Company Secures Permits To Expand Export Hub

Expanded dock at Port of Brownsville, Texas, will be able to handle Suezmax tankers.


Sterling Continues Midstream Expansion In D-J Basin

Growth in D-J to reach 220 MMcf/d.

Energy A Top Target Of Cyber Attacks

The oil and gas industry is under pressure to respond to the moving target of cyber threats.

Paul Hart, Hart Energy

Midstream Connect: Hackers Intensify Assault On Industry

Control systems are the primary targets of cyber attacks and the consequences are potentially catastrophic.

Heather Huften, Hart Energy

Managing Midstream's Business Cycle: The Capex Question

What’s going to happen? Midstream executives try to set realistic spending plans for an uncertain year.

Combating Security Threats Via The Digital Oil Field

New technologies are increasing the industry’s situational awareness of cybersecurity threats, experts tell the crowd at DUG Permian Basin.

Ariana Benavidez, Hart Energy

Jaggi, LeBlanc Join EnLink’s Senior Leadership Team

Cynthia Jaggi was promoted to senior vice president of engineering and operations services, and Michael LeBlanc was promoted to senior vice president of liquids business unit operations.

Business Wire

Pantera Energy Implements Modern SCADA System

New system provides real-time remote data acquisition, monitoring, and control of assets in the field. Wells can be operated at higher efficiencies by analyzing site-specific, day-to-day processes. Offsite adjustments available.

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