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Treat each other with respect, Energy Spectrum Capital's Ben Davis urged attendees of the recent Midstream Finance conference. Davis was offering advice on how to make private equity partnerships work. Also, Stacey Morris of Alerian says that the fundamentals remain sound for MLP investments; and technology, exports and all things Permian Basin were the topics at this week's Executive Oil Conference in Midland.
The outlook for energy exports is promising but the industry could encounter headwinds in a few years. Also, MLPs aren't dead yet; crude oil's fall has affected other commodities; and Venezuela's oil slump reflects the nation's decline. 
Enable Midstream Partners bought Velocity Midstream as part of its move toward liquids. Also, Cheniere's Jack Fusco discussed the opportunities for exporting LNG to China as the trade dispute with the U.S. escalates; and Alerian's Kenny Feng told attendees at the first Midstream Finance conference that capital efficiency is the dominant driver in midstream.
Pennsylvania business leaders are strategizing for converting the commonwealth's natural gas riches into regional growth. Also, exporters of petrochemicals could experience a rough 2019 if trade tensions between the U.S. and China continue to worsen; and workplaces will need to be rethought as automation becomes a bigger factor.
Antero Resources Corp.'s consolidation of its midstream affiliate into a simplified corporate structure is a "win-win-win" for the company, its CEO said. Also, soaring commodity prices could be an invitation to a sharp market correction; and Diversified Gas & OIl bought Core Appalachia Holding Co.
Final investment decisions to go forward with the two-train LNG Canada project and Coastal Gaslink pipeline have raised hopes in Canada's beleaguered energy sector. Also, a Royal Dutch Shell scenario depicts a technology-driven, low-emissions future; and OPEC expects IMO 2020 to spur a temporary spike in oil demand.
This has been a "year of recovery" for the oil and gas sector which primes it for global growth, Deloitte's John England said at DUG Eagle Ford. Also, the oil and gas industry can expect short cycles in the future, analyst Dan Lippe told Hart Energy, and President Trump's call for lower oil prices has had mixed results.
The great rock of the Eagle Ford Shale has been converted into great economics for operators, a slew of speakers said at the 2018 DUG Eagle Ford Conference in San Antonio. Also, ethane prices reached a 78-month high; and a Deloitte expert pointed to infrastructure as key to unlocking Canada's potential.
Energy Transfer Partners has taken over the top spot in the Midstream Business annual ranking of top NGL producers. Also, ethane's price bounded over 40 cents per gallon at Mont Belvieu, Texas, for the first time in over six years; and investors are getting cautious about backing energy company IPOs.
Several oil and gas industry groups, including ONE Future, are leading the charge to solve the vexing methane leak issue across the value chain. Also, attendees at Hart Energy's A&D Strategies and Opportunities Conference availed themselves of plenty of insights; and Alerian gave its sunny and cloudy outlook for LNG.


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