Margins widened for Mont Belvieu, Texas, ethane and C5+ last week but other NGL experienced lower prices and narrower margins.

This lull is expected to be temporary, En*Vantage Inc. said, anticipating exports to trend higher for ethane in the medium term and for propane’s price slide to be limited to 10 cents per gallon (gal).

Ethane, which slipped less than one-quarter of 1% at Mont Belvieu but 8.4% at Conway, Kan., in the past week, is wending its way through a demand falloff triggered both by shutdowns caused by Hurricane Harvey and planned maintenance of ethylene plants, En*Vantage said. Fundamentals still look promising for ethane, though, with October exports expected to be between 130,000 barrels per day (Mbbl/d) and 138 Mbbl/d.