Company Climate Risk Disclosure Could Become Mandatory In A Few Years

Companies' disclosure of risks to their business from climate change could become mandatory in a few years as investor pressure gathers pace, climate finance experts said on May 23.


Profile: ‘A Dream Job’

Adam Sieminski looks back at his eventful term heading the U.S. Energy Information Administration.


Energy Executives: Communication With Public Could Improve

Out of 109 oil and gas industry executives surveyed, 76% said they had a low expectation of the public’s trust in the industry.


Trump Administration Triggers Launch Of NAFTA Renegotiations

The Trump administration on May 16 formally launched its effort to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico to try to win better terms for U.S. workers and manufacturers.


US Industry Seeks Faster Permits, Simpler Rules

Associations representing the drilling, refining, mining, and building industries have submitted hundreds of pages of documents to the Commerce Department and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in recent weeks, outlining regulations they want to see eliminated or modified.


Official Panel Suggests New Regulatory Body To Approve Canadian Energy Projects

An official panel said the National Energy Board should be replaced by a new body, the Canadian Energy Transmission Commission, with full authority to approve or deny major projects, Reuters reported.


Canada Introduces Law To Ban Oil Tankers Off North British Columbia

Canada's Liberal government has introduced legislation for a moratorium on oil tanker traffic along the northern coast of the British Columbia province, the country's transport department said May 12.


Is Everything Negotiable In Trade?

In the renegotiation, President Trump will likely try to tighten NAFTA rules of origin to ensure that these rules promote U.S. manufacturing and jobs.


Canada Vote May Present Whale Of Dilemma For Kinder

Liberals who backed Tran Mountain Pipeline lose their majority in legislature.


US Border Tax Would 'Blow Out' Brent/WTI Spread, Analyst Says

Goldman Sachs commodity strategist Jeff Currie said May 10 if the U.S. government were to introduce a border tax adjustment on crude oil imports, the spread between Brent and WTI would widen dramatically.


Industry Applauds Two FERC Nominees

Industry trade associations reacted favorably to President Trump’s nomination May 8 of two Republicans to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).


EPA Chief Scott Pruitt To Recuse Himself From Court Cases

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt has recused himself from several court cases that he pursued against the agency when he was Oklahoma attorney general, according to a recusal statement.