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Frac Spread: What If A Hurricane Struck?

Ethane prices remain buoyant as other NGL sink, but the summer is looking volatile.

Frac Spread: Plenty Of Ethane Will Be Pouring Out Of Permian

Gulf Coast crackers will come online and increase demand, but prices won’t rise like many would like, Bernstein says in a new report.

Frac Spread: NGL Prices Rise, Along With LNG Worries

NGL prices continue to rally, with optimism about ethane’s outlook.

Frac Spread: NGL Prices Spring Forward

NGL prices rise, positioned for volatility and tighter balances later in the year.

Frac Spread: Glut(tony) Can Be Hard To Stomach

OPEC production cut plans serve up a potentially volatile year.

Frac Spread: Analysts See Gas Surplus, Leading To Lower Prices

As higher prices encourage more production of crude oil, Morgan Stanley experts see associated output of natural gas dragging down its price.

Frac Spread: WTI’s Weakness Traps NGL Prices

Price of the NGL ‘barrel’ slinks to its lowest point since November.

Frac Spread: Snow Falls, Gas Price Rises

NGL prices mostly hold steady in anticipation of increased demand.

Frac Spread: CERAWeek Panelists Take Long-Term View Of NGL

NGL prices will stabilize, and then rise but not quite yet, CERAWeek panelists say.

Frac Spread: Warm Winter Cools Gas Storage Outlook

U.S. natural gas inventories rise during the last week of February for the first time ever.

Frac Spread: Say What? Markets Greet News With Agony, Ecstasy

NGL prices slump as doubt about OPEC’s production cut and a warm winter cast gloom.

Frac Spread: Peak Oil Is Back ... Not

The long-term outlook for NGL is bright, even with last week’s declines.


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