Lower Prices Can Impact E&P Acquisitions

M&A deals with gathering agreements designed during high commodity price environment become more complex when prices fall, says consultant.


Frac Spread: NGL Prices Rise, But Margins Are Squeezed

Rising NGL prices can’t keep up with commodities, resulting in narrower profit margins.


CB&I Wins Contract For Washington LNG Storage, Fueling Terminal

CB&I wins $275 million contract to build LNG facility at Port of Tacoma.


OPEC Just Made A Deal: Now What?

The OPEC deal could change the landscape of the oil market for the foreseeable future, but the specifics have yet to be determined.


OPEC, Allies Aim To Cut 1% Of Global Production

The devil remains lurking in the details and non-OPEC countries such as Russia will shoulder a large portion of the burden. (Last updated 12:43 p.m. CT Nov. 30)


GE Oil & Gas Makes $25M Equity Investment In Tellurian Investments

Houston-based Tellurian Investments Inc. announced Nov. 28 that GE Oil & Gas made a $25 million preferred equity investment in the company, which has an implied Tellurian common stock value of $5.94 per share.


What's Affecting Oil Prices This Week? (Nov. 28, 2016)

Stratas Advisors' John Paisie says the price of Brent crude will stay relatively flat for the first part of the week and then decline with support at $45.50/bbl.


Midstream Makes Do

The midstream buildout includes creative uses of existing assets to better serve producers at attractive costs.


Whiting Sees Unexpected Windfall From Williston Midstream Sale

Tesoro Logistics Rockies LLC agreed to buy the assets for $700 million, with about half of the proceeds going to Whiting.


Sunoco, Energy Transfer Partners To Merge Into Midstream Behemoth

The equity deal will see the two related MLPs save money by streamlining costs and completing projects with improved economics. 


What's Affecting Oil Prices This Week? (Nov. 21, 2016)

John Paisie, executive vice president at Stratas Advisors, explains the geopolitical, global supply-and-demand, currency, refinery margins and oil trader sentiment that are affecting oil prices this week.


Deloitte: Fresh Opportunities Emerging For Small LNG Players

The evolving global market will create openings for smaller LNG companies.