[Editor's note: This story was updated at 4:14 p.m. CT March 20.]

The Alberta Energy Regulator said March 20 it is responding to a crude spill by Husky Energy Inc. in Canada's oil-rich Alberta.

While the pipeline in question has been shut, the leaked volume and cause are unknown, the regulator said.

According to the agency, the incident happened March 16, and the company is still working to isolate the oil, which leaked into the Coxhill Creek stream west of Alberta's largest city of Calgary.

The spill did not affect wildlife, the agency said.

Husky confirmed the incident and said there was no flowing water at the location.

"It is a relatively small area of operations and the spill was light oil," company spokesman Mel Duvall said, adding that cleanup efforts were underway.

Last summer, Husky indefinitely closed a pipeline that leaked oil into a major Canadian river. The incident was the third in the same area in eight months, according to government records.