Transport - LNG

Gunvor Will Supply 60 LNG Shipments To Pakistan Over Five Years

Gunvor supplied the lowest bid, expressed as a percentage of a barrel of crude oil, in the five-year tender of 11.6247%, the official said, according to Reuters.


LNG in Europe: How Long Will it Have Momentum?

As prices drop in Asia, LNG exporters are once again attracted to European markets.


LNG Deals Struck To Aid Gas-Starved Southern France

Low LNG deliveries to the Fos-sur-Mer terminal in the country's south had led to tight supply, prompting heavy reliance on stored reserves to meet winter demand, Reuters reported.


Australian 2016 LNG Exports Up 38%; Increase Expected In 2017

Australia’s LNG exports surged by 37.7% to 36.8 mtpa in 2016 as the plethora of new projects in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and coastal Queensland triggered a flood of new shipments to global markets.


How Tillerson Would Influence U.S. Policy And Energy Markets

Former ExxonMobil CEO provided hints to the direction U.S. foreign policy will take during his Senate confirmation hearing.


Sidley Austin: Exports, LNG Will Crank Up Natural Gas Prices

Law firm partners see Trump’s protectionist sound bites as potential threat.


Largest Gap Between Asian, US Gas Prices Presents Opportunity For LNG Tankers

Since February, 61 vessels have taken cargoes from Sabine, but just three vessels delivered LNG to East Asia between February and the end of November, Reuters reported. 


India's Petronet LNG Kochi Terminal Will Be At 40% Capacity By 2019

India is the world's third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases and relies heavily on coal, gas and oil imports to meet its energy needs, but is seeking to shift to cleaner energy such as LNG, Reuters reported.


BP Will Provide LNG To Thailand’s PTT Through Agreement

The agreement has a 20-year term. LNG will begin being supplied in 2017, sourced from BP’s LNG portfolio including the Freeport LNG project in Texas.


Sale On: Exports And The Future Of Energy

An expanded Panama Canal opens up opportunities for U.S. exporters, especially in LNG and ethane markets.


Japanese Power Companies' September LNG Consumption Fell 14.2%

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry now surveys hundreds of companies that generate power and/or sell it, after the breakup of 10 former power monopolies, Reuters reported. 


Four Japanese Companies Will Jointly Own New Cameron LNG Carrier

The new LNG vessel will transport LNG from the Cameron LNG project in Louisiana for Toho Gas and Tohoku Electric Power.