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California Approves Nation’s Toughest Methane Emissions Rule

Environmental backers believe California’s methane regulation could be a model for other states.


California Cap-And-Trade Revenue Case Heads To Sacramento Court

Revenue from the cap-and-trade program funds clean energy programs, especially in poorer communities, and helps finance the state's ambitious high speed rail project.


Analysis Of PHMSA’s Proposal To Revise Volatility Regs For Crude Oil

Bracewell attorneys assess response to NY request for vapor standard in transportation of Bakken crude.


BSEE, Coast Guard Respond To Pipeline Release In GoM

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the U.S. Coast Guard are responding to a release of gas and condensate from a pipeline at West Cameron 165 in the Gulf of Mexico.


California Regulators Want Public Input On Aliso Canyon Facility

California regulators said on Jan. 17 they were seeking public comment on a proposal that would significantly limit the amount of natural gas Southern California Gas can inject into its Aliso Canyon storage facility in Los Angeles, which leaked in 2015.


SoCalGas Seeks California's Permission To Reinject Gas Into Aliso Canyon Storage Facility

SoCalGas said it added new inner metal tubing in every well approved for injection, installed around-the-clock pressure monitoring of all wells and built an infrared fence-line methane detection system.


Alberta Energy Regulator Begins Investigating Trilogy Oil Pipeline Leak

The Alberta Energy Regulator had already issued an environmental protection order forcing the company to suspend operations and contain the leak, Reuters said.


Safety Review Tests Completed On Most Wells In Aliso Canyon Facility

The utility, however, said it would not be ready to request state regulatory approval to inject gas into the giant field until it has met all of the requirements of the state's comprehensive safety review.


Gas Price Spikes In LA Tied To Aliso Canyon Troubles

Southern California gas prices this summer have careened wildly as a result of restrictions on Aliso Canyon storage facility, EIA said.


Colonial Pipeline: About 6,000 Barrels Of Gasoline Leaked In Alabama

Colonial Pipeline Co. said on Sept. 14 that a leak in one of its refined products lines spilled about 6,000 barrels of gasoline in Shelby County, Ala.


January Gas Leak At Norway's Kaarstoe Plant Could Have Caused Fatalities

Statoil, which provides technical service at Kaarstoe, said its own investigation also showed that this was a serious incident, Reuters reported.


Drones Are Commercial, But Just Barely

New government regulations help but still tie down the midstream’s potential uses of drones.