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North American Oil Infrastructure Developments 4Q 2016

Stratas Advisors tracks updates on North American projects.


Mexican Energy Reform: How Howard’s Projects Define Success

Navigating through a Mexican energy industry in the midst of a cultural sea change isn’t easy, but Howard Energy is making it work.


Projects Increase Gas Pipeline Capacity To New England

Spectra’s AIM and Salem Lateral will offset the decrease in LNG shipments to the Northeast.


First Things First: Expect Trump To Push Pipeline Projects

Expert Predicts TransCanada’s Keystone XL, ETP’s Dakota Access will get early green lights when Trump takes office.


No Place For Good Ol' Boys

Oil and gas companies are often run by good ol’ boy networks, meaning that some finance leaders aren't on—or anywhere near—the leading edge of technology.


AltaGas Details NGL Export Strategy from Ridley Island

Stratas Advisors: AltaGas has lined up ample supply and delivery logistics for propane at its Ridley Island facility.


Analysts: DAPL Conflict Hints At Troubles To Come

Though DAPL protesters were cleared from land, analysts see continued challenges to oil and gas development.


Modular Thinking

Incorporating modular and automation design into plants can help gas processors respond to current midstream challenges.


Court Denies Dakota Access Injunction But Fight Will Continue

Energy Transfer Partner’s Bakken pipeline survives appeals court motion, but Standing Rock Sioux not giving up battle to kill it.


Cove Point's Close-Up

The nearly 40-year-old LNG terminal is preparing for a starring role in the global LNG market.


US LNG Exports Might Not Be In For Smooth Sailing

The difference between U.K. NBP/Dutch TTF price at $4.60 and U.S. export price of $3.55 less fees and costs does not leave a fixed-cost contribution margin.


Delays Choke Needed Pipeline Takeaway From Northeast

Natural gas growth will be stymied by projects in limbo, S&P analysts said.