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GE Compression Technology Again Selected For China’s West-to-East Pipeline

GE Oil & Gas, Florence, Italy, has reported its compression technology has again been selected to help support one of China’s most important energy infrastructure projects.

US Natural Gas Corp. Acquires Compressor For W. Virginia Gas Project

US Natural Gas Corp., St. Petersburg, Fla., has reported that the company has recently acquired a newly rebuilt Knox Western compressor to be set at the company's West Virginia natural gas development project compressor station.

Advanced Compressor Technology Minimizes Gas Flaring At LNG Berths In Qatar

GE Oil & Gas, Florence, Italy, announced February 16 that its advanced compressor technology is minimizing liquefied natural gas (LNG) boil-off gas flaring at LNG berths at the Ras Laffan Port, Ras Laffan Industrial City in Qatar, by making productive use of the gas that boils off during loading of the LNG carriers.

Electra-Therm Touts ORC Waste-Heat Recovery For Pipeline Distributed Generation

Nevada-based Electra-Therm announced February 23 that its Texas distributor, Gulf Coast Green Energy (GCGE), just completed a 2,000-hour test run on an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) waste-heat recovery device enabling distributed power generation at natural gas compression stations.

Theresa Ward, Editor, Downstream

LNG compressors find full-electrical solutions

Continuous improvements in power electronics and the availability of large frequency converters pave the way for large variable-speed drive systems to be considered as a main compressor-driver solution.

Paolo Belli, Daniele Buzzini, and Mehmet Mercangoez

Predictive method improves compressor peformance

A novel method of predicting stress in valve springs can be used to increase fatigue life and improve compressor reliability.

Glenn Hatch and Derek Woollatt

Predicting engine pressure patterns

With pressure time predictions, natural gas pipeline companies can optimize their systems by making adjustments as needed.

Manny Angulo, Anderson Consulting Training & Testing, Houston, Texas

Field test proves value of turbocharger booster

The natural gas transmission industry has been subject to increasingly stringent emissions regulations over the years, with more to come.

“Semi-active” compressor valves help reduce unscheduled downtime

A new valve concept, developed under a GMRC program by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and co-funded by BP, uses electromagnetic actuators to control valve-plate motion and create a soft landing at both valve seat and guard.

Understanding engines and ignition timing

Recent experiences with legacy equipment show that detonation, pre-ignition, and pre-detonation have different types of combustion.

Keith Schafer, Columbia Gas Transmission-Nisource

Expanding compressor horsepower

Valerus completes a new 8,400 horsepower compressor station and related infrastructure for Colombian pipeline.

Todd Rutherford, Valerus

Improving compressor design

Recently developed design and analysis tools can help operators achieve improved compressor performance.


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