New York Supreme Court: ExxonMobil Must Hand In Climate Change Documents

Exxon said in September the that U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission is the right agency to vet how it books reserves and that it complies with accounting and securities laws, Reuters reported. 


Alberta Energy Regulator Begins Investigating Trilogy Oil Pipeline Leak

The Alberta Energy Regulator had already issued an environmental protection order forcing the company to suspend operations and contain the leak, Reuters said.


Aboriginal, Environmental Groups Will Sue Canada Over Petronas LNG Project

The Petronas-led project plans to liquefy natural gas at a facility in the district of Port Edward, British Columbia, about 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) northwest of Vancouver. It would then export about 12 million tonnes per year of LNG to consumers in Asia.


Federal Report Identifies New Criteria For Underground Gas Storage Facilities

Bracewell attorneys expect PHMSA’s gas safety rule to be released before the end of the year.


Government Considers Whether Recent Greenhouse Gas Deal Requires Senate Approval

The 1987 Montreal Protocol succeeded in phasing out the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), widely used at that time in refrigeration and aerosols, Reuters reported.


Energy Regulatory Lawyer Michael Yuffee Joins Norton Rose Fulbright

Previously, Yuffee was an attorney and adviser in FERC’s Office of Administrative Law Judges and Dispute Resolution. He assisted in electricity and natural gas rate proceedings, mergers and utility restructuring.


Report: Oil Industry Workers Split Between Trump, Clinton

The nearly even support suggests ambivalence in the industry between two rivals who have put forward wildly different energy visions.


Occupying Private Land, Native American Protesters Of Dakota Access Cite 1851 Treaty

In filings with federal regulators, Energy Transfer said that, at one point, it considered running the line far north of the reservation and close to Bismarck, the state capital, Reuters reported. 


Part Of Seaway Pipeline's Legacy Line Shut After Crude Leak In Oklahoma

The Seaway spill comes after a Sunoco Logistics Partners LP pipeline spill on Oct. 21, which released about 1,300 bbl in the vicinity of the Susquehanna River in Lycoming County, Pa., Reuters said.


SEC: FMC Technologies Will Pay $2.5 Million For Accounting Violations

Another FMC Technologies department also failed to properly account for employee paid time off in 2012, the SEC said. The company also improperly accounted for interest income associated with certain large loans made within the company that year, Reuters reported.


Analysts: Hostility To Pipelines Not Limited To Dakota Access

Delays hinder DAPL and other pipeline projects nationwide as anti-fossil fuel movement adapts strategy to local terrains.


Canadian Government Could Curb Power Of Canada's National Energy Board

The Liberal government has named an expert panel to review potential changes to the environmental assessment system and will wait for it to report back early in 2017 before deciding which approach to take, Reuters reported.