President’s Order Rolls Back Climate Change Rules

Trump focuses on job growth and energy security with executive action.


Italian Court Gives Green Light To Contested TAP Pipeline

Local authorities had sought to move landfall of natural gas line from Azerbaijan.


Iraqi Oil Minister: Market May Influence Extending Cuts Into Second-Half 2017

The agreement has elevated the price of crude to more than $50/bbl, but it helped U.S. shale oil producers boost their output, hampering efforts to reduce global stockpiles, Reuters reported.


Trump To Sign Order Easing Energy Regulations

President Donald Trump will sign an order on March 28 aimed at making it easier for companies to produce energy in the U.S., administration officials said on March 26.


Keystone XL Faces Short-Term Fury, Long-Term Demand

The controversial pipeline will fill a takeaway need as Canadian heavy oil production surges and Mexico’s output declines.


Saskatchewan Reviewing Engineering Standards, Regulations For Pipelines Near Water

The government concluded that a buckle in the pipeline cracked and caused the spill due to ground movement on a slope of land over many years, mirroring Husky Energy Inc.'s earlier conclusion, Reuters reported.


California Approves Nation’s Toughest Methane Emissions Rule

Environmental backers believe California’s methane regulation could be a model for other states.


Mexico Postpones Auction Of Excess Transport, Fuel Storage Capacity

 Mexico has postponed an auction of part of state oil company Pemex's excess capacity for transport and fuel storage due to "methodological problems," the Energy Regulatory Commission and Pemex said in a joint statement, Reuters reported.


EPA Faces Budget Cuts As Trump Targets Regulation

The proposal would eliminate 3,200 EPA employees, or 19% of the current workforce, and effectively erase former President Barack Obama’s initiatives to combat climate change by cutting funding for the agency’s signature Clean Power Plan aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.


EPA Adds Complexity To Emission Rule

Tucked into the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule, Subpart W requires careful attention from upstream and midstream operators.


CERAWeek: Energy-State Senators Talk Taxes, Trade, Energy

Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and John Cornyn of Texas favor keeping some version of NAFTA and expressed skepticism about a border adjustment tax.


CERAWeek: EPA Director Envisions Pro-Growth, Pro-Environment Policies

Scott Pruitt said regulators should not pick energy winners or wage war on any particular energy source.