Army Denies Dakota Access Pipeline Permit

Army Denies Dakota Access Pipeline Permit


Poland, Ukraine Will Jointly Oppose EU Over Nord Stream 2, Opal Pipelines

Analysts are skeptical, though, about Poland's and Ukraine's plans to stop Gazprom's expansion in Europe, Reuters reported.


US Military Veterans Gather Supporting DAPL Protesters Amid Bitter Winter Weather

The temperature in Cannon Ball is expected to fall to 4 degrees Fahrenheit by the middle of the week of December 5, according to forecasts, Reuters reported.


Aliso Canyon Safety Review Expected To Be Completed In Early 2017

SoCalGas cannot inject fuel into the field until DOGGR and the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) confirm the field is safe, Reuters reported.


BLM Onshore Order Final Rules Reflect GPA Midstream Advocacy

BLM Onshore Order Final Rules Reflect GPA Midstream Advocacy


North Dakota Officials: Quell DAPL Protest With Heavy Fines

Officers will stop vehicles they believe are headed to the camp and inform drivers they are committing an infraction and could be fined $1,000, Reuters reported.


Canada Approves Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline

The Canadian government also blocked Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline from Alberta to the Pacific province of British Columbia, as expected.


ND Governor Orders Evacuation Of Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

North Dakota's governor ordered the expulsion of thousands of Native American and environmental activists camped on federal property near an oil pipeline project they are trying to halt, citing hazards posed by harsh weather.


Communities Along Planned Route Oppose Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

First, the crude must travel from the conservative heart of the Canadian oil industry in Alberta across mountains and grasslands to the liberal west coast. The farther west on the route, the stiffer the resistance to the plan, Reuters reported.


For Standing Rock Sioux, New Water System May Reduce Oil Leak Risk

"The new intake really does effectively reduce the concerns that this oil pipeline could impact the tribe's water supply," said Julie Fedorchak, head of North Dakota's Public Service Commission, which gave state approval to the pipeline.


Tokyo Gas, Centrica Sign Location Swap For Cove Point LNG

Japanese gas supplier Tokyo Gas Co. said on Nov. 21 that it signed a memorandum of understanding with British utility Centrica for a location swap of LNG to cut transportation costs, Reuters reported.


Army Corps Amending Regulations, Seeking Native Americans' Input On Projects Like DAPL

Under federal law, the incoming president has authority to invalidate many last-minute decisions from an outgoing administration, Reuters reported.