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Frac Spread: Can President Make NGL Prices Great Again?

During the Obama years, NGL prices recovered from the Great Recession.


LNG in Europe: How Long Will it Have Momentum?

As prices drop in Asia, LNG exporters are once again attracted to European markets.


Activists Succeed In Consigning Projects To ‘Purgatory’

A BTU Analytics expert describes how environmental opposition in the Northeast creates pipelines to nowhere.


How Tillerson Would Influence U.S. Policy And Energy Markets

Former ExxonMobil CEO provided hints to the direction U.S. foreign policy will take during his Senate confirmation hearing.


Frac Spread: NGL Prices Stumble, But Outlook For Year Appears Rosy

Mizuho expects rising demand from petrochemical plants to bolster ethane.


Sidley Austin: Exports, LNG Will Crank Up Natural Gas Prices

Law firm partners see Trump’s protectionist sound bites as potential threat.


Texas Lt. Gov.: With Trump, Help Is On The Way

Both Texas and the oil and gas industry stand to benefit from a Trump administration approach, Dan Patrick tells TPA.


Study: Renewables Boost Gas Storage

White paper examines how solar and wind stimulate demand for natural gas.


Frac Spread: NGL Prices Sizzle To Complete 2016

Strong crude prices and rising demand push NGL ‘barrel’ to 25-month highs.


Topics: Philadelphia's Story

Pennsylvania’s largest city has a growing reputation as an energy center, thanks to expanding Marcellus and Utica shale development.


Border-Adjustment Tax Plan Could Trigger Wide-Ranging Implications

Trump's support of tax plan could help U.S. crude oil exporters, but also raise prices for domestic consumers.


Frac Spread: Let Lower Prices Be Forgot...

2016 NGL prices, led by butane, soar in December to match the previous year’s averages.