Prices - Natural Gas Liquids

Frac Spread: NGL Prices Fall As Summer Begins

NGL prices enveloped in gloom as commodity markets struggle.


EnLink Midstream Announces Deal To Move NGL From Central Oklahoma To Gulf Coast

Agreement with ONEOK allows EnLink to optimize its value chain from supply-rich STACK and Merge plays to growing Gulf Coast demand markets.


Frac Spread: No Bull—Propane Demand Growth Will Slow

Sluggish growth in global propane demand is reflected in sinking NGL prices.


Report: North Dakota's Oil Output Rises 2% In April

North Dakota's daily oil production rose 2% in April as rising crude prices encouraged companies to pump more, complicating OPEC's attempts to stabilize global markets.


Frac Spread: Bottoms Up For NGL Prices?

Have NGL prices hit rock bottom and are primed to head up, or not so much?


Frac Spread: NGL Markets Have Their ‘Covfefe’ Moment

NGL markets defy the data as they experience their ‘covfefe’ moment.


Targa To Build NGL Pipeline From Permian Basin

Targa’s planned Grand Prix NGL pipeline will connect Permian to Mont Belvieu hub.


Frac Spread: Wider Margins, Higher Prices For NGL

NGL ‘barrel’ price climbs to 5-week high as frac spread margins widen for all but ethane at two major hubs.


Frac Spread: Ethane Crackers Ready To Serve

Ethane prices rise with the sector on the verge of higher demand.


Frac Spread: Low Oil Bearable With Bullish Prices On Way

The bearish crude oil outlook will shift as geopolitical uncertainty continues through a warm summer.


Tallgrass Energy Partners Identifies 42 Projects To Fuel Growth

"In the next 90 to 100 days, if we don't have a couple hundred million dollars of acquisitions or projects ... we will be very disappointed," said Tallgrass CEO David Dehaemers.


Report: Ethane Supply To Boost US Petchem Production

Domestic limits mean that the industry will have to pursue export markets.