Prices - Natural Gas Liquids

Frac Spread: NGL Prices Rise, But Margins Are Squeezed

Rising NGL prices can’t keep up with commodities, resulting in narrower profit margins.


Frac Spread: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Warm weather and high levels of inventory have dampened NGL enthusiasm, but gas prices are moving up again.


Frac Spread: It’s Just A Market Thing

Offline facilities and OPEC's indecision are to blame for NGL's recent slump.


Japan Seeks 31,000 Tonnes Of LPG For National Reserves

Japan, which has five national LPG stockpiling bases with a total capacity of 1.5 million tonnes, had 1.15 million tonnes of LPG stored at the end of March.


Frac Spread: As Autumn Begins, NGL Prices Fall

Warm weather, high inventories drag down prices for NGL.


AltaGas Details NGL Export Strategy from Ridley Island

Stratas Advisors: AltaGas has lined up ample supply and delivery logistics for propane at its Ridley Island facility.


Petrobras Will Change LPG Pricing In Order To Eliminate Subsidies

Millions of families in Brazil still use LPG sold in cylinders for cooking. The value of one 13-kilogram cylinder, currently sold for 55 Brazilian reais, or US$17.07, could increase 0.36% on average, Reuters reported.


American Midstream Closes Acquisition Of Additional Delta House Interests

American Midstream said it expects to be at the higher end of previously announced 2016 adjusted EBITDA guidance.


Frac Spread: NGL ‘Barrel’ Price Continues Its Ascent

Ethane stumbles, but the other NGL components continue to set high marks for 2016.


Buckeye Partners Buys Half Of VTTI BV Marine Terminal For $1.15 Billion

Buckeye opened a 7.5 million offering of limited partnership units to partly fund the deal, which is expected to close in early January 2017, Reuters reported.


American Midstream Buys JP Energy In $2 Billion Deal

The combination of American Midstream and JP Energy provides scale and efficiency, companies say.


Frac Spread: NGL Climbs To Another High For The Year

Rising natural gas prices lift NGL, especially ethane, to levels not seen since late 2014.