Prices - frac spread

Frac Spread: Off The Beaten Path And Beaten Down

Shale boom has knocked around a key measure of NGL price predictability.


Frac Spread: Analysts See Positive Signs For Ethane

All NGL prices rise for week; analysts point to promise for future of ethane.


Frac Spread: Price Rebound Will Be Better Latte Than Never

NGL prices continue to grind through summer, with storage, upcoming winter blends providing hope.


Frac Spread: NGL Prices Rise, But Fun Missing From Fundamentals

Shale-induced market changes makeup of NGL ties to crude oil, natural gas price movements.


Frac Spread: Lots Of Little Things Impact NGL Movements

Despite infrastructure momentum, a significant ramp-up in NGL prices remains about three years away, East Daley analysts say.


Frac Spread: Yes Sir, Uncertainty Is Certainly Certain

Pentane-plus enjoys a bounce and ethane price gap narrows, but in general, NGL in summer funk.


Frac Spread: Summertime And The Exports Aren’t Easy

Ethane, propane prices falter as poor economics hamper exports to Asia.


Frac Spread: O Say, Can You Seaborne, Ethane Exports?

Ethane prices bounce back, although the expected first export cargo from the Gulf Coast is delayed.


Frac Spread: Nasty, Brutish, Long Downcycle Throttles NGL Prices

NGL prices continue to slide as large crude, gas inventories feed downcycle.


Frac Spread: NGL In Grip Of Summer Doldrums

Price retreat by crude oil and natural gas drags NGL down for third straight week.


Frac Spread: Prices Sag As the Rally Ends

NGL prices fell this week as the crude price rally looks to have ended with West Texas Intermediate (WTI) prices falling two straight weeks.


Frac Spread: 2Q NGL Prices Return To Year-ago Levels

NGL barrel enjoys strong bounce in second quarter over first, but prices ease over past week.