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Frac Spread: NGL Climbs To Another High For The Year

Rising natural gas prices lift NGL, especially ethane, to levels not seen since late 2014.


Frac Spread: NGL ‘Barrel’ Reaches 22-Month High

Natural gas resurgence buoys NGL prices as ethane rides 34% rally in recent weeks.


Frac Spread: Peak NGL Prices Should Ease The Squeeze

Best NGL “barrel” price in 17 months at Mont Belvieu is driven by rallies in ethane, isobutane and pentanes-plus.


Frac Spread: NGL Up But Winter Of Discontent Approaches

Price of the hypothetical NGL barrel nears a high for the year, but export challenges and a surplus of supply raise doubts over whether it can be sustained.


Frac Spread: Off The Beaten Path And Beaten Down

Shale boom has knocked around a key measure of NGL price predictability.


Frac Spread: Analysts See Positive Signs For Ethane

All NGL prices rise for week; analysts point to promise for future of ethane.


Frac Spread: Price Rebound Will Be Better Latte Than Never

NGL prices continue to grind through summer, with storage, upcoming winter blends providing hope.


Frac Spread: NGL Prices Rise, But Fun Missing From Fundamentals

Shale-induced market changes makeup of NGL ties to crude oil, natural gas price movements.


Frac Spread: Lots Of Little Things Impact NGL Movements

Despite infrastructure momentum, a significant ramp-up in NGL prices remains about three years away, East Daley analysts say.


Frac Spread: Yes Sir, Uncertainty Is Certainly Certain

Pentane-plus enjoys a bounce and ethane price gap narrows, but in general, NGL in summer funk.


Frac Spread: Summertime And The Exports Aren’t Easy

Ethane, propane prices falter as poor economics hamper exports to Asia.


Frac Spread: O Say, Can You Seaborne, Ethane Exports?

Ethane prices bounce back, although the expected first export cargo from the Gulf Coast is delayed.