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Frac Spread: Say What? Markets Greet News With Agony, Ecstasy

NGL prices slump as doubt about OPEC’s production cut and a warm winter cast gloom.


Frac Spread: Peak Oil Is Back ... Not

The long-term outlook for NGL is bright, even with last week’s declines.


Frac Spread: NGL Might Be Cat’s Pajamas, But Watch The Trends

Short-term NGL price jolts are ephemeral, but long-term plans carry risk as well.


Frac Spread: Three Ways NGL Prices Will Impact Your Profits

NGL are in a stronger position compared to where they were during last year’s Super Bowl.


Frac Spread: Optimism Bridges Gap Between Ethane, Propane Price Trends

Higher demand remains a long-term certainty despite the volatile near-term NGL market.


Frac Spread: Can President Make NGL Prices Great Again?

During the Obama years, NGL prices recovered from the Great Recession.


Frac Spread: NGL Prices Sizzle To Complete 2016

Strong crude prices and rising demand push NGL ‘barrel’ to 25-month highs.


Frac Spread: Let Lower Prices Be Forgot...

2016 NGL prices, led by butane, soar in December to match the previous year’s averages.


Frac Spread: NGL Prices Rise, But Margins Are Squeezed

Rising NGL prices can’t keep up with commodities, resulting in narrower profit margins.


Frac Spread: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Warm weather and high levels of inventory have dampened NGL enthusiasm, but gas prices are moving up again.


Frac Spread: It’s Just A Market Thing

Offline facilities and OPEC's indecision are to blame for NGL's recent slump.


Frac Spread: As Autumn Begins, NGL Prices Fall

Warm weather, high inventories drag down prices for NGL.