What are MLPs?

Over the last 35 years, Master Limited Partnerships - commonly referred to as MLPs – have become a popular investment vehicle in the energy space. These publicly traded limited partnerships are attractive to investors because they tend to generate strong returns, have favorable tax implications and are often shielded from inflation. Over the years, Congress has enacted legislation to stipulate qualifying sources of income for MLPs. Today, most MLPs are in the energy industry – primarily in the midstream sector. However, some MLPs exist in the upstream and downstream space as well.


While midstream MLPs have not remained totally immune from the price downturn, the shift in recent years to fee-based contracts has kept capital flowing in the sector.

It’s called Solitude and for good reason. The unmanned, floating LNG concept unveiled at Appea immediately caused a ripple of excitement at the prospect of removing 150 to 200 human beings from a multibillion-dollar technological marvel.

Keith Bainbridge, the managing director of CS LNG, discusses the future of the LNG carrier shipping market.

University of Houston professor Craig Pirrong: The oil-linked standard for LNG no longer holds any water.

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